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"Republican Darrel Issa:  Congressional Terrorist"

Is available by clicking above or below:

Next Publication:   April 23rd, 2014!



Check out Howie's Favorite Band:
 For more info on "ABBA the Show's" 
Including their Tour Schedule!!
Click HERE!

Listen to Howie's Interview With
Waterloo's Lead Vocalists
Camilla and Katja
Click HERE!!

NEW!!!!!  Listen to Howie's LATEST Interview With Waterloo's
Katja Nord  and Cecilia Blomberg and Ulf Anderson of the original ABBA
recorded in Hyannis, Cape Cod, USA
Click HERE!!

***Note:  Be sure  it's Waterloo with Katja & Camilla performing when you
purchase tickets to see Waterloo / ABBA the Show.
Beware of copy-cat bands!!
For Katja & Camilla's latest Waterloo/ABBA the Show tour schedule,
Click HERE!!


Why does the US economy suck so bad?

Find out in only 235 seconds by clicking


at "Watch the video" below!!



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Rumbling Pride - The BEST Motorcycle LED lighting







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